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Dear Parents and Guardians,


We would like to start by saying ‘Thank You’ you for your continued support and dedication to Bright Futures Academy.  It is only through the support of our parents, students, and staff that BFA has been able to be one of the few charter schools in Palm Beach County to be in existence for 15 years!  We are excited about our partnership with Academica and are looking forward to a great school year!


That being said, we were disappointed in our school grade this year but encouraged by student success on the EOC’s.   We have met as a collective team to discuss causes for the drop in our grade as well as plans to be put into effect to help ensure positive success for the ‘16/17 school year. Please note the strategies that BFA will implement this year to re-build a stronger program for student success.


BFA Teaching Staff & Mentoring:

BFA does not believe in keeping teachers that are not performing to the highest standards.  There are sometimes unavoidable situations that do not allow us to keep a teacher and sometimes call for their immediate dismissal; however, we do recognize the importance of retaining those high performing quality teachers.  To retain highly qualified staff, we have re-structured our teacher programs, reduced teacher workloads, and increased support through mentoring programs.  Ms. Hanson, who has been a teacher at BFA for many years will move into an administrative roll this year, where she will be in charge of curriculum and testing, and mentoring teachers, in conjunction with our current new teacher mentor, Ms. Foley.  Their extensive years of combined teaching experience will allow them to offer support and feedback to the teachers as often as needed.


We have taken great care in the re-hiring of returning staff and hiring of new staff to include certified Music and Art teachers in both the elementary and middle school and assembled a team of experienced, dedicated and excited teachers that are committed to your children and the programs at BFA.


Student Retention & Mobility Rates:

An analysis of growth for students taking the FSA found that those who had been with BFA for two years or less did not perform as well as those students who had been with BFA for three or more years.  Statistics show that every time a child changes schools, he or she loses approximately 10 percentage points in their learning growth.  We have many students who were new to BFA last year and/or have been at several different schools over the course of a few years.  We encourage parents to make a commitment to BFA and our programs.  As our research shows, those who stay with us perform better! 


Program Investments:

In addition to great teachers, teacher mentors, and quality programs in Wellness, the EDU-Garden, Art and Music, we have also invested in new text books and materials across all grades and we will be integrating test taking strategies throughout the school day.  New text books and materials will aide our dedicated staff by giving them updated resources to further your child’s learning.  While we are not, and will never will be, a ‘teach to the test’ school, we do see the value in teaching strategies for taking a test that will help students not only be more successful on standardized tests, but on tests they will have to take throughout their high school and college years as well.


Bright Futures is poised for great growth and success for the ‘16/17 year.  We once again thank you for your continued support of BFA and look forward to the new school year!  Please note some important upcoming dates listed on the following page.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.



Janine Korody, CAO

Ashley Slone, 6-8 Principal

Lauren Colloca, K-4 Principal

Enrollment Packet
Supply Lists
Important Upcoming Dates


August 10th: Please join us for our Orientation Night, Wednesday, August 10th which will be held at PBG High School from 6:00-8:00PM. We will also host a Movie Night at the High School for all BFA students during orientation. For $5, kids may enjoy pizza and a movie and can visit with their friends while parents receive important information for the upcoming year.  

We encourage everyone to make all payments on line prior to the orientation night and bring your receipt with you for the pizza/movie, as well as your Activity Donation, which will provide you with a school calendar and the required agenda for your child(ren).  You can do this here.


August 11th: Meet the Teacher will be held on each campus from 9:00am-3:00pm. Tour the campuses & garden, meet your teachers, drop off supplies, receive schedules & classroom syllabus, and sign up for your beginning of the year Parent/Teacher conference.


August 15th: First Day of School starts at 8:00AM! Before-care is available on the Riverside Campus (RS) starting at 7:00AM, and at the Lighthouse Campus(LH) starting at 7:30AM.  Breakfast is available.


Students that attend RS Before-care will be bussed to LH at approximately 7:30 but MUST have a current 2016-2017 transportation form filed with the school. This will be checked when dropping off for RS Before-care.


Classes dismiss at 2:45PM (please note the new dismissal time) for car riders, and students from the LH campus will be bussed to RS for After-care. THERE WILL BE NO BUS SERVICE, other than for Before-care and After-care during the first week of school to ensure that ALL riders have current 2016-2017 bus permission forms on file with the school. Please see the bus schedule below.


Morning Routes:

Depart from Riverside: 7:30am; Arrive at Lighthouse: 7:40

Depart from Lighthouse: 7:45am; Arrive at Riverside: 7:55


Afternoon Routes:

Arrive at Riverside from Lighthouse: 3:00

Arrive at Lighthouse from Riverside: 3:15

Arrive at Riverside from Lighthouse: 3:30

Thank you for being a part of the BFA family.
We are looking forward to a wonderful year!

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