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Students in grades K-5 have several electives throughout the week. In addition to daily PE, students receive instruction in art, music, character education, and environmental science. Students also take trips to the EDU-Garden for hands-on opportunities.


Students in grades 6-8 select an elective track of Art, Music or Science. The Art and Music programs are traditional programs that teach students the basics as well as the history of the subject. Students learn about their medium by studying the Masters in each area of Art and Music.  

Students that select Science receive instruction in research writing where they learn to conduct research and write lab reports. Additionally they rotate through the EDU-Garden and PE/Health as well. These programs are designed to students outside and engaged in a hands-on learning approach to science. We encourage physical activity and teamwork while working in this program that is designed to prepare students to enter science-based high school magnet programs. BFA has an 85% acceptance rate into high school magnet programs.

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