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Our Philosophy

Mind, Body and Character

The Bright Futures philosophy starts with Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs and the notion that the basic needs of all people need to be met before higher order functioning can take place. We recognize that students attending public school arrive to school from a wide variety of socio-economic backgrounds, races and abilities. With this being said, our program must be able to provide a safe, nurturing environment that meets the mind, body and psychological needs of our students.


All BFA students begin every day in a home team where teachers lead them through meditation exercises that teach self regulation and awareness. Teachers receive training throughout the year to help them better assist their students in mindfulness techniques. 


A Green Minded School


Bright Futures is part of the Organic/Green Movement in education. We hope to inspire our youth to "Stand Up For The Earth" through the various programs at our school. 

Differentiated Education Model

BFA groups students according to their achievement levels as determined through testing data, student learning styles, and parent/teacher input. This allows for individualization in the classroom where teachers are not expected to teach to an entire bell curve of learners. Student self-esteem improves as students are able to experience success in their learning. 

Thematic and Integrated Units of Study

Students in grades K-5 study the continents of the world, integrating Language Arts and Science by using specific characteristics that make each continent and country unique. Students in 6th grade further expand their knowldge of the world through the exploration of time periods in history. Seventh and 8th grade students take a more introspective look into United States history through the study of our civic responsibilities, the legal system, economic development, and how we interact with the world around us. 

Creative Teaching

BFA teachers are encouraged to use a variety of teaching materials to cover the educational standards rather than "teach to the test." Student learning styles are taken into consideration to best meet their needs. 


At Bright Futures, we understand that families sometimes find themselves in difficult financial situations. BFA is a free public charter school. We provide scholarships to our athletic and extended day programs as well as give away school uniforms and supplies when needed. As a result, we find that our school families are happy to give back to our school! We request that parents volunteer 15 hours per active parent. There are many ways to volunteer at BFA. Please view the Volunteer page for more information.


At Bright Futures Academy, we act in partnership with parents to educate our students, because education is not a unilateral process. To that end, we also partner with different organizations that help support our educational philosophy and green-minded mission. Please visit our partners by clicking on their logos below.

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