Welcome to Bright Futures Academy, a charter school that promotes internationalism, tolerance, independence and a love for learning in a warm, supportive climate. Our charter school prepares students to live in a diverse, multicultural society and encourages tolerance, personal integrity and social responsibility so students are ready for the challenges of an ever-shrinking world.


Bright Futures Academy strives to create an environment where students feel valued, affirmed and supported while they explore their interests and develop their special gifts. Our caring, talented teachers and staff work in partnership with families to help students become competent and compassionate adults. Our school demands much of students through a rigorous academic program, leading them to knowledge using the International Curriculum methodology. This approach encourages them, through active inquiry, to actualize their potential as individual scholars.


We invite you to visit the school. See first hand students involved in an interactive program that moves beyond the accumulation of knowledge. Please call the school office at (561)253-7504 for more information or a personal tour.

Our Philosophy

Bright Futures is part of the Organic/Green Movement in education. We hope to inspire our youth to "Stand Up For The Earth" through the various programs at our school. 


Our History

Bright Futures Academy was founded in 2001 and restructured in 2008. We are a grassroots, non-profit, philanthropic charter school. Our mission is to provide families with an educational alternative to the currently available programs for students enrolling in grades K-8.