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The EDU-Garden™ has a very talented group of individuals, including kids of course, who work together to make everything happen. I think that it is fitting from time to time to hear some "behind the scenes'' reporting from some of these individuals. So read on for a report from Mr. Robert Snow, our field director.

The EDU-Garden™ has been buzzing with the excitement of all the busy bees zipping from this field to that field and back again preparing the areas for planting. We are heavily propagating seedlings for planting in October and it is a delicate process with many steps to ensure seedling survival, very much like Goldie Locks and the Three Bears. “This area is too hot! This area is too wet! This area is too dry! But inside is just right!” We use sun lights inside cabinets to create the perfect "germination station.” We are also focusing on herbs right now because they take so long to germinate; parsley, dill and many more. Six varieties of broccoli and tomatoes are ready to transplant, as soon as the kids finish enriching the soil with compost and hay. We have decided not to buy new soil but instead keep what we have and put in a little extra work boosting the soil’s organic content and loaminess. This will help retain water in our very sandy soils.

Thank you Mr. Snow! We will catch up with you next week; we want to know what's going on with the fish farm and who is the brick layer in the compost area?

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