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What were we thinking? We put up a fence to keep our “girls” out of the garden. Oh, Scarlet and her pals, Maxine, Eloise, Clara, and certainly the resident rogue Guinna, humored us for a while. They seemed content to take their dust baths, forage for bugs and strut in and out of the trees and bushes until we were patting ourselves on the back, relaxing with the idea that we had solved the “chickens eating the crops.”

But then, “oh my gosh, hey, there is a chicken in the tree! Not just one, mind you, but two!” There they were, munching on the leaves of the moringa tree, confidently climbing higher and higher, from one branch to another. The kids were concerned and were careful not to come close to the tree for fear they could not get down! News flash guys! Chickens can fly! They are birds! Sure enough, they soon gave it up and came down to earth.

Meanwhile, Chick Chick, the barred rock matriarch of the EDU-Garden™ just clucked along as if to say "you chicks think you are so clever, but truth is if ‘they’ see you in the garden, eating the lettuce, it'll be back to the roost for you!"

We will soon have fresh lettuce, mustard greens and kale. We had to pull our sweet potatoes due to white flies! We were able to dig a few tubers, maybe enough for a pie. Yum!

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