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The EDU-Garden™ hosted our seasonal harvest day celebration and it was wonderful in response! With hay bales and scarecrows and the garden looking beautiful, no wonder autumn is my favorite time in the garden! Our environmental focus on birds proved informative and fun with a visit by Vickie from the Audubon of the Everglades Society who brought their colorful banner depicting the outstretched wing span of our North American birds. Several kids had fun standing in front of it for a photo to see how they measured up against our largest bird and one of the kids may even show up on one of their websites! Now, if you are guessing it is a great bald are incorrect! Another special guest was Cat from the Jupiter Tequesta Garden Club, who was also on hand to talk about native plants and bird and butterfly habitats. There was an exhibit of an owl house with friend and bird lover, Rex, who has promised to help students build their own owl house. Ms.Chellemi held an owl pellet dissection, which was a "wow" for sure! We even have a birding club in our plans! Birds are truly a barometer worth watching in understanding our environment!

As if that wasn't enough, Mrs. Kendall with her fabulous veggie chili, Ms. Catlin and her tasty turkey chili together with a wonderful salad courtesy of Trader Joe's made for a terrific lunch. “Happy” performed by our own BFA Singers and the Palm Beach Children's Chorus had everyone singing the Christmas carols too; and almost forgot, Mrs. Ancona’s pinecone bird feeders and painting with Mrs. Fountain! I could go on and on!

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