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It's the final countdown for 2015! Winter vacation and holiday celebrations are planned everywhere! We are preparing the garden by putting in new plantings to harvest in the spring and we are harvesting broccoli and radishes and greens galore!

Speaking of radishes, I recently learned that Palm Beach County produces more radishes than any other county in Florida. Now,I gotta say, they were not really my favorite until I learned that they are very tasty when you include them in your roasted vegetable recipes. Why, someone even told me that a sliced radish with peanut butter on top is a tasty treat! Not too sure about that one!

The bunnies and our chicken flock will be very lonely and trust me, they notice when the kids are away. Please think about coming to visit help us out feeding animals, it's better than a petting zoo and there are plenty of fresh, delicious free range chicken eggs to take home!

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