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EDU-Garden News

As I write the final EDU-Garden™ News for 2015, I reflect on yet another year doing what I love to do!

I don't think any of us here at BFA could have imagined just how much this garden would mean to so many students as well as staff. This program fosters a connection to nature, to the outdoors, and to each other for sure. We all easily dismiss the need to put down roots and to ground ourselves in "terra firma" in this age of technology, and the EDU-Garden™ offers all that and more! Why, over half of our kids never even put on a pair of gloves because there’s something primitive within them makes them want to feel the soil in their hands, get dirty while they work, and accomplish something good. Kids need the discipline of maintaining a garden that gives them such good food to eat; teaches them responsibility for the world they have inherited and engages them in good clean (so to speak) fun!

We have harvested everything we could; stir fried beans and Chinese cabbage, bok choy and broccoli. We made salad and kale smoothies with moringa leaves and had more than one French toast breakfast this fall. We have planted and tended our crops, taken care of bunnies and chickens, entertained countless visitors, played host to elementary school field trips, had a marvelous EDU-Garden™ harvest day, built new containers to grow more crops, and if that isn't enough, found time to teach lessons about sustainability, soil, animal behavior, horticulture, and biology; all this from August to December! So, it isn't just what I love to do, it's what the whole EDU-Garden ™ team loves to do!

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