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Who doesn't like French toast? Well, I suppose if you are allergic to eggs, then you may be the exception. But, if you happen to be ovivorous, and have about 15 minutes, you can prepare a nutritious, protein-packed breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner. Or mid-afternoon snack! There’s no rule that says you can only eat French toast for breakfast. In fact, we made some the other afternoon with our eighth graders.

The recipe is simple. Crack two or three eggs into a dish – of course we used our very own EDU-Garden™ eggs when we made it – and pour in a bit of milk to thin out the eggs. Give it a quick stir with anything handy and then dip in bread slices to coat evenly on both sides. You can use any bread, but it’s especially good with a thick slice of potato or challah bread. Put a non-stick pan or a griddle on medium-low heat. Lay the slices on the pan and cook for a few minutes; you just want to brown the bread. When it reaches a mottled golden brown hue, it’s ready to be flipped. Do the same for the other side but make sure you watch it closely! You don’t want it to burn! If you’re more adventurous, you can try adding cinnamon, or some maple syrup, or even fruit. We are so lucky to have such wonderful opportunities in the EDU-Garden™ to show our students where their food comes from. It’s one of the biggest reasons that I love BFA.

Oh, and Mr. Campbell wanted me to mention that we’ve got a Twitter feed now. You can follow us online at We’ll be posting pics, news from the garden, and news articles we find that support our mission of sustainable education.

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