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Bright Futures Academy Marches In MLK Parade

In the midst of the din and hue of a parade that featured marching bands and floats, Bright Futures Academy was represented by a group of marchers in the 2016 Martin Luther King Day Parade in Riviera Beach on Saturday, Jan. 16. Although Friday saw storms and even a tornado warning, Saturday dawned bright, blue, and clear for the marchers.

More than a dozen students and several parents joined BFA faculty as they marched down the quarter mile route along Blue Heron Boulevard. Handing out candy and flyers, BFA students carried signs with messages in the spirit of Dr. King. “Hope” read one, and “Together” read another.

“We had an excellent turnout,” Riverside Principal Ms. Dennard said. “The students had a wonderful time and were very excited to share information about BFA.”

Mr. O’Rourke echoed the others’ sentiments.

“It was a really nice event and it was nice to be a part of such a celebration,” he said. “It was a nice day.”


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