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Don't Fall Down The Rabbit Hole

You must have heard the expression “don’t fall down the rabbit hole,” referring of course to getting lost in confusion chasing an idea. I for one have chased many things down a rabbit hole, though not literally, of course. It is so interesting to observe animal behavior because as you do you realize how so many of our very own behaviors mimic animals and how often we pepper our speech with animal related analogies. So while we might think the rabbit hole is endless as we search for the answer to a perplexing question or dilemma that started us on down the rabbit hole in the first place, we may wonder how far a rabbit will burrow a hole or tunnel? To the end, obviously.

Have you ever even seen a real live rabbit hole? Well if you want to satisfy your curiosity, Alice, come by the EDU-Garden™ and check out the one our furry friends dug earlier this week. Don’t worry, though – our bunnies aren’t going anywhere. Try as they might to dig holes and burrows, we keep a vigilant eye on them. Well, eyes and yards of chicken wire.

Rabbits are prey animals, and they burrow to escape perceived predators, but they also burrow to escape the heat too. Not a bad idea, but with the recent chill we’ve had, not really needed right now! Now some of you may have seen this picture before, because I posted it earlier this week to our EDU-Garden™ Twitter account. You can follow us on Twitter @BFA_EDUGarden for stuff like that, along with links to science articles and all sorts of other things. Oh, and before I forget; just so you know, rabbits are mammals and belong to the order Lagomorphs. They are not rodents!

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