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New Home For The Bunnies

Our bunnies have out dug their warren and now it is time for new digs! We have talked before about why rabbits dig but it is mostly just what they do, it's in their genes. It is one of the reasons we teach animal behavior in the garden. We learn that all species have different needs and behaviors, but food, water and comfortable housing remain pretty much the same for all of us. Back to our buns; we know that their desire to dig cannot exceed our desire to protect them from harm, so periodically we must "remodel" and that means new "no dig wire" must be laid on the ground with new organic soil and then hay on top to discourage that digging.

This week our chickens were asked to share their space. I don't think they were happy, judging from all the unnecessary cackling and pacing they were doing, but just like us, they can be somewhat territorial. We simply cannot house them together exactly so their expansive space was divided into 2 separate areas. They will both adjust and adapt. In the new rabbit warren, a large container of soil will be there so they can just dig, dig, dig without the danger of digging out. There is space for more open area to run and jump and funny things to hide in when they want peace and quiet! Don't we all wish and look for that ourselves sometimes? Everything in the garden provides a teaching moment and this simple remodel is full of lessons for us to explore.

Thanks to Mr.Gus, Ms. Charity and student Chase H.; they worked all afternoon to lay wire and the saga will continue today, if it does not rain. Our students love the chance to get dirty and they love to be productive! I overheard a student, as she was moving stones, say "isn't this why you love EDU-Garden?" Indeed!

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