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Radishes Are Rad!

Rad radishes

They are not nutrition packed like kale and broccoli, but they sure are tasty in your salad or stir fry, or baked along with your other root vege- tables and of course, that bright red color seen in most varieties does lend a beautiful accent to any dish.

Florida grows more radishes than anyone else in the nation. The radish crop brings over 30 million dollars to our farmers, mostly in Palm Beach and Orange counties. Our climate here is just perfect for growing them and our garden is certainly proof of that as we have been harvesting them all week. You really should try growing them yourself. A packet of seeds sprinkled over a container full of soil will yield enough radishes to try a dozen different ways and they can be harvested in less than 3 weeks!

Stop by the garden; we not only have radishes but collard greens and kale, and even the Brussel sprouts look like they will be productive. The kids are really enjoying eat-

ing the fruits of their labor and never refuse to eat their vegetables!

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