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Who's Gonna Stand Up For Our Oceans?

In December of 2015, several elementary students and middle school EDU-Garden™ students hosted Ms. Brennan Kahl from the be-7, a unique website about conservation and the people who live it. It was a beautiful experience as our students sat comfortably on the grass and discussed our oceans. They were asked a series of difficult questions and invited to openly share their thoughts and knowledge about the state of our oceans today.

Ms. Kahl was blown away and so was I as we listened to their answers and their compassionate stories of what the ocean means to them. Whatever perspective that we might have about our oceans and the environment is always enriched when viewed through the eyes of young people. With all the negativity that often surrounds us concerning the state of our environment, these kids were inspirational and give us all hope. They showed that they are keenly aware and sensitive to those problems. More importantly, they intend to be a part of the answers to global warming, ocean pollution and a myriad of other issues. These kids will truly “Stand Up For The Earth.”

I am so very proud of our students here at BFA, and I’m sure you will be too!

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