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FSA Writing Tests Start Monday

Standardized testing starts next week, with the Writing component of the Florida Standards Assessment administered to students in grades 4 through 8. Eighth graders will be taking the test on the computer, while the other grades will take paper based tests. Students who receive accommodations per Individualized Education Plans or 504s will test in accordance with those plans. Due to the limitations on computer based testing, 8th graders will test in groups over three days, from Monday until Wednesday with each group testing one day. Students in grades 4-7 will take paper based tests, and will test on Tuesday, March 1.

Please make sure that your students are well rested, have a good breakfast on the day of the test, and arrive at school on time to ensure the least disruption to the testing. Students may not have any electronic devices in their possession during testing; please leave cell phones, e-readers, and other electronic devices at home on testing days.

The Florida Standards Assessment is a state-mandated test and participation is mandatory. If you have any questions, please contact the School Assessment Coordinator, Mr. Campbell at You can also visit the Assessment Page of our website, under the Parents menu, for more information and links to other resources concerning testing.


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