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Come See The Nature Wall

Check out our Nature Wall at the Lighthouse elementary campus! It is hanging at the entrance to our office on the right hand side of the door. This is really an exciting project for our young students as they add to the wall any items that they find that come from nature around school, or their own homes and neighborhoods. We have a few sticks criss-crossed to make a trellis and then hang the items there. A few different leaves, some seed pods, and flowers have been added to start the project.

It is going to be fun looking every day to see what new treasures from nature have been added. Maybe someone will bring some shells, perhaps a pine cone, and ooooh, what about an insect skeleton? Would that be cool? We have them all the time in the garden so maybe when the students come to the EDU-Garden™ next week they can look for all kinds of neat things to add. I think that this Nature Wall will encourage our kids to slow down and pay attention to the world around them. It is even a good exercise for us as well.

Help your kids to find rocks and butterfly wings, pine needles and bark; encourage the natural curiosity that kids just seem to have. I found a feather myself just walking down a crowded street not long ago and it made me wonder what kind of bird was it that lost a feather in flight. I sure hope it didn’t slow him down!

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