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The Spring Book Fair Is Going To Be Out Of Sight!

We are excited to announce that we will be having a groovy Book Fair at the Lighthouse and Riverside Campuses! Our theme is the Sixties and we think it’s a gas! Come join us for these far-out activities leading up to the Book Fair!

Monday, March 7th - Friday, March 11th: All For Books Coin Drive.

Send in your loose change this week (dollars, too!!). All monies collected will be used to buy books for Bright Futures Academy. Scholastic Book Fair will match the amount and make a donation to charity. The class who collects the largest dollar amount will win a Bahama Bucks snow ball party and 2nd and 3rd place classes receive ice pops!

Door Decorating Contest -- Teachers will be working with students to decorate their classroom doors. Deadline is March 7th. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will receive team points and winners will be announced on Friday, March 11th.

Monday- March 7th—Riverside Campus Only - 60’s Themed Trivia Contest -- A trivia flyer will be distributed to students the week of the coin drive. Each student who participates has a chance to win a book fair gift certificate, one winner per grade. Return completed trivia questions to the box located in main office by March 14th, winners will be chosen that day.

Monday, March 14th—Lighthouse Campus Only - Guess the Smiley Face Gumballs -- The guessing jar will be circulating the campus and the closest winner from each grade level will win a book fair gift certificate. Winners will be announced that afternoon!

Tuesday, March 15th-- Tie-Dye Tuesday-- 60’s Dress Up! The best outfit wins -- 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be announced that afternoon and will receive a gift certificate to the book fair.

Wednesday, March 16th – Shake’em Down!– Can you Mash Potato? Can you do the Twist? Or the Freddie? On the Lighthouse campus, instead of having silent campus, students will to listen to music from the 60’s. At the Riverside campus, students will show off their dance moves between classes! Prizes will be awarded.

Book Fair Dates 3/14- 3/17! Students will have a designated time to walk through the book fair with their class.

If sales exceed the Fall Book Fair sales, there will be an event held to “Tie-Dye A Teacher”

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