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EDU-Garden Day Is April 23!

The kale crop is peaking, the bamboo tepees are dripping with long, green pole beans, the collard greens are gigantic and the lettuces have huge frilly green and purple leaves. In short, the garden is as beautiful and productive as it can be! You have all heard me say that “the garden tells us what to do” and it is certainly true right now. Ideally we would have our EDU-Garden® Day this weekend but who could have known when the harvest would be ready to come in? So many factors determine harvest that it is hard to pick just the right day to have a party when the success of the party depends upon how our garden grows.

Our Garden Day this year will be Saturday, April 23, which is the day after Earth Day and caps off our “Who Will Stand Up For The Earth?” week. We have an impressive array of activities this year and our focus will be to give you a glimpse of what your student does every day in the EDU-Garden®, in addition to their core academics.

We will demonstrate our commitment as stewards of the Earth, and show how increasing our awareness of the connection between mind, body and character benefits our health and wellbeing. Every day our students begin with a session of mindfulness – practicing the discipline of quiet and focusing their attention on themselves
and their surroundings. Mindfulness is 
an important program of the BFA program, based on the
work of world-renowned author and
researcher Dr. Edwin Riley. Dr. Riley
 has written several
books on wellness
and stress reduction.
At our EDU-Garden® Day, Dr.
Riley will be speaking about a healthy eating lifestyle, and he and Ms. Courtney, who teaches our garden kids about healthy eating, will be making smoothies using some of our own organic vegetables. These smoothies are delicious and they will be demonstrating how to make them yourself!

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