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A Peek Into Biology Class

Biology class at Bright Futures Academy is so cool, especially with a fun teacher like Ms. Katie Chellemi! We just happened to be draining our fish tank for a remodeling project in our marine area when Ms. Chellemi entered the scene.

“Stop!” she cried. “My biology students, in the interest of pure science, want to experience cleaning a fish and dissecting them for a lab project they are doing!”

Every moment is a “teaching moment” here at BFA, particularly in the EDU-Garden®. With that in mind, we invited Dr. Charles Rentz who was glad to come to share his “ surgical knowledge” when it comes to dissecting (and filleting!) a fish as he is an accomplished fisherman as well as a dental surgeon. The kids were very excited and approached this experience with enthusiasm and maybe even a bit of trepidation.

Nonetheless, despite such an odorous a subject as a fish, the kids had a terrific time as they made their biology book actually come to life! As soon as our remodeling projects are completed, we will resume our marine program, most definitely in the fall. The kids really miss this part of the EDU-Garden® so we are planning to expand and improve the experience. We live in such a richly diverse coastal community that we want to increase our students’ knowledge and participation in this most valuable ecosystem. Remember too that the EDU-Garden® is absolutely beautiful right now and we are harvesting so much that there is plenty for all who care to ask. We often have vegetables available as you pick up your kids from Aftercare, so please, just ask.

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