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BFA Is A Green School Of Excellence!

Many of you will remember that BFA applied for recognition as a Green School, as part of a program sponsored by Florida Atlantic University’s Pine Jog Environmental Education Center. There are different levels of recognition, as schools are evaluated on their programs that reduce our impact on our environment. Schools are rated based on their campus enhancements, sustainability, curriculum integration, community partnerships, and administrative support.

The highest level is “A Green School Of Excellence” and we are so happy and proud to report that Bright Futures Academy has earned that distinction. We are amazingly pleased with this announcement and we would like to thank all of our students, faculty, and staff who work hard every day to embody the Bright Futures Academy motto: “Who Will Stand Up For The Earth? We Will!”

This is a fantastic way to lead into our “Who Will Stand Up For The Earth Week!” which is April 18-April 23, and finishes up with our EDU-Garden® Day on Saturday! We have a lot of awesome things planned for that day, so we hope to see you all there. Mr. Suarez and Dr. Edwin Riley will be discussing mindfulness, Ms. Courtney will make green drinks, there will be exploration centers and art projects and of course music and food!

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