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Earth Week At BFA!

This is an exciting week at Bright Futures Academy! Who’s Gonna Stand Up For The Earth? Week celebrates our commitment as stewards of the environment! It is a great way for the families of our students to learn not only about what their children are discovering in their classes, but also ways to conserve resources, save money, and reduce the impact on the planet.

The EDU-Garden® News has a complete breakdown of the week’s events, and here’s a handy calendar of the days and their special messages. In addition to these events, Dr. Edwin Riley, world-renowned stress reduction expert, and Brian Hetrich, the Greenhouse Manager for the Hippocrates Health Institute, will conduct a fun and educational hands-on project with Kindergarten students on Thursday, April 21. Students will learn what “living foods” are and plant their own healthy and nutritious sprouts.

The EDU-Garden® Harvest Day is going to be a blast! From 9AM-10AM Dr. Riley, yoga instructor Christina Pearce and our very own David Suarez will discuss the BFA Mindfulness program. This is an important part of the morning routine at Bright Futures Academy, and serves an incalculably valuable role in reducing incidents of negative behaviors. We hope you will join us to learn these techniques, and perhaps start your own mindful morning routine.

After that, Ms. Courtney and Dr. Riley will show off their skills in the kitchen, creating delicious, healthy green drinks to refresh and revitalize!

At 10 AM, there will be all sorts of centers open for exploration! Kids (and their parents) can make an art project with Mrs. Fountain, learn yoga poses, help build a chicken roost, or just tour the garden! Ms. Chellemi will be discussing our impact on the environment, and Ms. Kendall and Ms. Pat will be cooking up some delicious lunch for all! Mr. Suarez and his students, along with Emmy Award winning special guest Ms. Cindy Hite will perform for all in attendance.

This EDU-Garden® Harvest Day is shaping up to be the best one Bright Futures Academy has ever had. You won’t want to miss it!

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