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Who Will Stand Up For The Earth?

Meatless Monday kicks off our Stand Up For the Earth calendar of events leading up to the EDU-Garden ® Day on Saturday, April 23. The idea originated during World War 1 but has since been reintroduced (2003) by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. It is interesting to note that presently 36 countries around the world participate in this most environmentally conscious event and deciding to eliminate meat from your diet for only one day keeps a significant amount of carbon from entering the atmosphere!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is very familiar to most of us. Think Reduce first, though it seems a bit more difficult. Consider for instance, reducing your use of plastics so that we do not have to reuse them, or even recycle them because if you think about that, you realize that sooner or later they just come around again and the cycle continues. Use glass to store leftovers, fresher anyway. Use glass water bottles, water just tastes better. Even a metal bottle is better for the environment. Use paper bags from the grocery or those reusable bags made from paper. It's the little things that matter.

Water Awareness Wednesday. Water is often taken for granted because here in Florida, it appears we have plenty, not so in most of the world. Turn off the water when you brush your teeth. Try to trim minutes off your morning shower and put a bucket in the shower to catch the water that just runs while the water heats, especially important in hurricane times. Turn off your yard sprinklers if you can, especially when we have those stretches of rainy days. On to Power Down Thursday; turn off those lights when you leave a room, ceiling fans too, if no one is in the room; computers and printers, when not in use. Remember also that it takes fuel of some kind to generate the electricity made in those "power" plants. Speaking of fuel, most of us who live where drawbridges impact our travel, know that for every bridge opening, we spend anywhere from 5-15 minutes with our car engines burning gasoline as we wait for the bridge to reopen, so turn your car off.

The Procession of the Species on Friday will highlight the biodiversity of different ecosystems and the kids will dress as an animal or plant species from a selected ecosystem. We must maintain species diversification for plant and crop variety, for instance, or for survival of animal species threatened by environmental changes.

Please join us on Saturday! Workshops, fabulous food, animals and much more! Ya'll come!

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