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Got Sprouts?

Seeds were planted in the minds of kindergarteners at Lighthouse campus when guest teacher, Brian Hetrich, master grower at Hippocrates Health Institute, taught them how to start growing their own sprouts.

Gifted an "Easy Sprout" kit from Magna Charter Educational Foundation, each student will receive follow-up instruction from their teachers so they can tend their own in-class garden. Sprouts are considered nature's perfect food.

Requiring only three days to mature, several students voiced how the sprouts would replace "junk food" as a daily school snack.

Hetrich said this was his first time to teach such a young audience on the virtues and benefits of sprouting. "If only one person walks away learning the importance of sprouts, then it was worth it,” he said.

His message was simple about how plants equal nutritious food. Hetrich said afterwards he was captivated by the enthusiasm, questions, and knowledge of the youngsters. Thank you to Dr. Riley, the Hippocrates Health Institute and the Magna Charter Educational Foundation for making this possible.

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