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EDU-Garden Day Was A Huge Success

The plan certainly came together for a fabulous EDU-Garden® day last Saturday and it was a wonderful way to end our “Who Will Stand Up For The Earth?” Week. We had so many staff, parents and organizations who helped to make the day one to remember, that I just want to say THANKS, THANKS and ever THANKS on behalf of all of BFA!

  • To Whole Foods Market for the beautiful rainbow salad

  • To Trader Joe's for the ingredients that Dr. Riley and Ms. Courtney turned into delicious smoothies

  • To Ms. Katie Chellemi for her informative presentation

  • To the Center for Social Change, Christina Pearce and 5 Senses mindfulness for their presentation

  • To Got Sprouts for showing us how easy and healthy it is to grow your own sprouts

  • To Janet from Academica and Mrs. Steier’s friend Paola for their yoga instruction

  • To Cindy Hite, special guest and recording artist who performed with Mr. Suarez and his talented music class

  • To Mrs. Debbie Lomax taking pictures for the yearbook

  • To some of our favorite alumni; Connor S., last year's student Volunteer of the Year, for his help setting up and working with Mr. Gus on the chicken roost’s roof; Shane L., Cameron H. along w Thomas D., for guiding special guests

As my eyes scanned the pavilion full of kids and guests and parents, I saw Mrs. Fountain with standing room only as she taught them a cool art project, Mrs. Steier building a nature wall (soon to be displayed at RS) moving along to Mr. Gus and Mr. Campbell and parents and students who were remodeling the chicken roost, then scattered through the garden were our Green Ambassadors sporting their new blue shirts as they led tours, stopping by to see Mrs. Hanson who had a room full of impressive art projects, a poetry quilt and of course back again to the pavilion for the grand finale!

Mr. Laders made some great quesadillas, Mrs. Bottenfield and her daughter along with Mrs. Kendall and myself stirring up okra gumbo, then Mrs. Colloca tirelessly serving plate after plate of that delicious concoction.

Oh, and of course, I can't forget Ms. Kraut and Ms. Carolyn welcoming guests at the entrance as they guided them along our new rose plantings, which were provided by Cool Roses.

I am sure everyone there noticed the magnificent clear blue sky and the subtle breeze too as they took in the beauty of the garden showing so much of what nature has to offer us, if we just slow down long enough. I will borrow a soon to be famous quote from one of our students, Timmy M., “quit binging on Netflix and get outside and save the Earth!”

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