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Preventing the Zika virus

The School District of Palm Beach County is working closely with the Department of Health in Palm Beach County, Palm Beach County government, and other agencies as they respond to the Zika virus in Florida. This virus is spread primarily by mosquitos, and can cause rash, fever, muscle and joint pains, conjunctivitis, or headaches. It can also cause birth defects in children born to mothers infected with the virus.

Bright Futures Academy has contracted with Brian Morris Profession Pest Management to treat our campuses with an environmentally-friendly, organic mosquito barrier to help protect our students from biting insects. We remind families that students are not allowed to have or apply insect repellants on campus, but parents may do so prior to school hours.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Florida Department of Health both have created websites with extensive information regarding Zika.

Visit the CDC’s website at

Visit the Department of Health’s Zika page under the Quick Links section at

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