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Garden To Feel Good

Well, we planted our collard greens this week, and I will say I hope that they can stand the heat! We have never planted quite this early, but the boxes are so barren and the kids so anxious, we thought we would give it a try!

We are having company in October, and we don’t want our guests to just see empty boxes of soil. Representatives from the Florida Department of Agriculture will be coming by to present us with an award! I’m sure the Aggies know the difficulty of trying to grow in Zone 10, but it seems to me that these longer, hotter days are a sure sign of global warming.

While some of the kids transplanted the collards, others learned about seed propagation and happily dug their hands deep into the soil. We all know about the benefits of being out in nature, but did you know that having your hands in the soil actually makes you happy? Research shows that a type of non-harmful bacteria lives in the soil, and our bodies react to it by producing serotonin, a neurotransmitter that makes us feel happy. I found that interesting, but I could have told the scientists the same thing, based on my experiences in the “lab” of our EDU-Garden®.

I hear it from the kids every day, “oh I don't want gloves, Mrs. Pat; I love how the soil just feels good, soft and cool and loose!”

Try gardening for yourself; it's good exercise for your body and now we know the soil itself can help lift your mood!

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