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Summer Reading Challenge Results

Overall, BFA students logged a total of 69,755 minutes of reading this summer! Great job encouraging your students to read! As promised, awards will be given out this week.

The grade with the most minutes logged overall is 5th grade with a total of 27,619 minutes! They win a Popsicle Party on Wednesday!

The student with the most minutes logged is Daphenica J. (5th grade) with a total of 16, 935 minutes logged! She wins a gift certificate for the upcoming book fair AND she will participate in the pizza party and Popsicle party!

The top readers in each grade group (K-2, 3-4, and 5-8) win a pizza party on Friday! They are:

K-2: Santiago (1), Azzure (1), Avery B. (2)

3-4: Alandy (3), Sabrina (4), Mario (4), Zander (3), Ava (3), Lindsey (3), Ava B. (4)

5-8: Daphenica (5), Stephanie (5), Samantha (6), Selena (7), Jikariah (5), Justin (5), Fletcher (6), Aaron (6), John (6), Kolby (6)

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