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Introducing the Earth Ambassadors!

We are pleased to announce a new name for our Green Ambassadors. They can all now boast that they are EARTH AMBASSADORS! This new name more closely aligns itself with our Stand Up for the Earth school-wide environmental focus. This is an elite and dedicated group of kids, selected by a strict code of conduct and academics. They can be seen wearing their lime green shirts as they do our semi-weekly recycle pick-up of plastic and paper. These "earthy" kids are raising awareness on our campus of the importance of not only recycling, but the importance of keeping our campus clean because they understand that all students are a reflection of BFA. Who doesn't want to be proud of their school?

These students can be relied upon to serve at special events on campus, such as the Lighthouse elementary garden visits. On those visits the Lighthouse Leaders on that campus are exposed to and learn from the Earth Ambassadors. Educators know that older kids setting positive examples as they teach and mentor younger students is a highly effective method of increasing knowledge for both the older and the younger students.

The Earth Ambassador program itself is only barely into its second year, having started in 2015/16, but these kids are smart and purposed and are beginning to share their own ideas for earth stewardship and conservation and moving forward there will be more and more opportunities to expand. Please give them your praise and encouragement and who knows how many students will join the ranks of the 24, EARTH AMBASSADORS!

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