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Our Annual Feast Day Is Coming!

The campus feast day is one of the events that make Bright Futures Academy a unique learning environment. We are one big family, and every year we take a day to celebrate our school community by inviting parents to our campuses and share in the bounty of the Garden and the generosity of our faculty, staff, families and sponsors.

This year's feast will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 22 on both campuses.

Of course, every year it takes a tremendous amount of supplies and effort to make the day a successful one. We want to ensure that every student, teacher, and guest has a wonderful meal in the company of the school community. This year, fliers will be sent out by each grade, as we request different donations by the different classes, however you can still help by visiting or If you do choose to donate food, please keep in mind that all donations must be prepared and cooked ahead of time, prior to dropping off. While we have the ability to refrigerate and warm up, we do not have the ability to cook. We ask that you drop your items off Tuesday (11/22) morning by 9:30AM at the latest. Items should be store bought/prepared, however, if homemade, we require that a list of ingredients be attached due to allergy concerns.

Each grade does eat at a different time, so please review the times below and be sure to arrive 15 minutes before and check in with the office.

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