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Preening Plumed Pilgrims

Meet our "Barred Rock" hens! They are also known as Plymouth Rock hens, which is an appropriate name as we get ready for the Thanksgiving season!

These fine birds go back to the 19th century, so they didn't exactly ride the Mayflower with the rest of the pilgrims, but were the most popular chicken in the United States until World War Two. They are raised both for their meat and their eggs - they lay about 200 eggs a year! Right now our ladies aren't laying much as they begin their molting cycle for the winter. Or maybe they're molting because they aren't laying as many eggs. It's a real which came first conundrum.

Sadly, we lost one of our ladies, through natural causes. Although they are hardy birds, they usually only live between 6-8 years. Faithful Gallina passed away last week, and while she will be missed, it is part of the great cycle of life that we teach in the EDU-Garden.

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