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How Many Seeds In A Pumpkin?

After reading Margaret McNamara's book "How Many Seeds In A Pumpkin?" and looking at the marvelous illustrations by G. Brian Karas, the second graders decided that they wanted to leand more! Mrs. Porter and Ms. Cole presented the class with 5 pumpkins each. We compared and contrasted the pumpkins by looking at the size, color, and how many vertical lines were on them. Then students guessed how many seeds they thought were inside each pumpkin. Carefully, the teachers cut around the tops of the pumpkins and took off the lids. The students peered into the pumpkins and described what it smelled like, looked and felt like. The students then took spoons (or fingers) and scooped seeds out onto newspapers. The students practiced some math skills and put the seeds in groups of 2, 5, and 10 and then counted all the seeds. There were over 1,000 seeds in each class!

We enjoyed this fun activity and when we finished counting the seeds, Mrs. Porter and Ms. Cole took the seeds home and roasted them and the students enjoyed eating the seeds at their morning snack time the next day.

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