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Holiday Show Art

The art display at the Holiday show exhibited many Jackson Pollock style works from our middle school students as well as a large collaborative piece the seventh and eighth graders contributed to. In 2nd through 4th grade we learned about how the element of art, value, can help create the illusion of form, another element of art, on a 2-D surface. We discussed the the purpose of a sleigh bell and created holiday-card-worthy art with glitter and bows as the final touches.

Also displayed were 5th and 6th grade renderings of folk art inspired landscapes. We discussed what a folk artist is and looked closely at the works of North American folk artists Maud Lewis, Earl Cunningham, and Grandma Moses for inspiration. Winter Cardinals, balancing elephants and so many more projects were completed so far this year and the students have much to be proud of. I am looking forward to a great second half of the year that will be filled with creativity and technique in the art classroom as we explore more art from around the globe and learn more about the elements and principles of art! Happy Holidays!


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