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White tablecloths, candles, and pretty lights too, greeted current and prospective parents who came to the EDU-Garden® on Thursday evening for our first Parent Social. The social was spearheaded by our events coordinator, Ms. Dawn DeRosa, who prepared a delicious array of food along with the signature bags of popcorn for please "pop on in!” Mrs. Slone and Mrs. Colloca, as well as myself were there to meet, mix, and otherwise enjoy the interaction with our parents in the casual atmosphere of the EDU-Garden®, which incidentally, was dressed for the occasion with the gorgeous display of vegetables and flowers that the kids and staff see every day. Ms. Sam made sure that all who attended went into the garden for a "u-pick-it " affair and they all carried home greens and broccoli and more to enjoy at home. I hope that more than one of them got Ms. Dawn's recipe for the delicious pasta, prepared with our very own broccoli.

We wish to thank all the Earth Ambassadors and the other kids who helped with table settings and preparation, another learning opportunity for them, and of course Mr. Gus, for the new LED lights and much more, and Mr. O'Rourke for helping with food set-up.

Most of all, we wish to thank all the parents and guests who attended and we hope that you enjoyed our first Parent Social! We really want to get to know you all and to have this affair be the first of more to come. At Bright Futures Academy, we want to educate the Whole Child and it takes a team to accomplish that lofty goal; you as parents are pivotal to that goal!

Please do not hesitate to contact any one of us with any questions or concerns regarding your child's education here. In the meantime, remember to be a regular visitor to our website, and especially the blog page,, where you will find information and newsletters on just about everything we do here to stay informed.

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