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Half Day Productivity

Just like the kids, I love early release days! The teachers by and large can’t stand them; they’re not productive academically, not enough time to get any class instruction accomplished, many are absent and kids are talkative and restless, daydreaming about what they will do when they get home and so on. Early release days can be a trying time if you’re actually trying to teach something in a classroom.

But for those kids who would rather be doing, than sitting in a classroom, who love fresh air and sunshine, who thrive on the sense of accomplishment and the satisfaction of a job well done, there is a place for them to go! They come in pairs, they come alone, they come with Mr.Gus, they come with me, they come with rakes and shovels, they come with cardboard and carts full of hay - they come to the EDU-Garden®! There is always some kind of fun project! Today the project was an unsightly area next to the dumpster which was in sore need of a clean-up! They came happy, laughing, teasing each other about an excused reason to be out of their regular class by working on this beautification project! They work very hard and learn a lot! They learn that cardboard smothers weeds without the need for chemical herbicides, they learn that all the extra hay from the chicken and rabbit areas are full of organic fertilizer and scattered on top of the cardboard, it makes an attractive and fertile future growing area. They learn that there is a lever in front of the cart that when pulled dumps all the hay, without manually removing it. Some of us also learned that grocery bags wrapped around our shoes are a good way to keep them clean. They also discovered that there was compost there, leftover from our last delivery and they commenced to deliver that to the garden area. One cart filled with compost pulled to the dumpster area, unloaded and then refilled with the soil and returned to the garden. Three carts and a wheelbarrow, back and forth until it was all done and within an hour and half.

Thank you to all of you who participated; you were terrific! Brenden, Winskey, James, Jamie, Olivia, Kylie, Gianna, Dean and so many more of you who gave your time, energy

and sense of humor! Please come back again on the next early release!

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