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Our Students Are Published Authors!

Our students have written and illustrated a set of picture books packed with information that they have learned this year.

PIN 3738180

Mr. Suarez's 7th and 8th grade music students created "A Collection Of Our Beloved Composers: Baroque to the Modern Era", featuring the lives of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and more!

PIN 37381812

Mrs. Ancona's K-4 Garden students worked hard to create the Lighthouse Garden, and you can follow along with this amazing project with a beautifully illustrated book by the student gardeners themselves!

Mrs. Trayneham's Art students take readers around the world in their book, which explores the Art and Culture of each continent

PIN 3738181

To order these amazing books created by our students, visit and use the following order codes -

For the Music book, use Code 3738180. For the Garden book, use Code 3738182. For the Art book, use Code 3738181.

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