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BFA Mindful Meals Program

At Bright Futures Academy, we strive to provide our students with a healthy, educational lunch period that teaches socialization skills, nutrition, manners in a calm, safe and relaxing environment.

We realize that lunch can be a stressful time for some children. Cultural food differences, finding friends to sit with, friends asking to share food, and not having a complete lunch are just a few of the challenges that students face in a large cafeteria setting.

To help address these issues, BFA has implemented the Mindful Meals Program, designed to give students a positive lunch experience.

  • Students eat in their classrooms.

  • Teachers and staff eat together with students in a small setting.

  • Students are provided a full 55 minute lunch period.

  • If all students have completed lunch, a portion of the lunch period may be provided for recess.

  • Teachers use the lunch period to teach students manners and nutrition.

  • Students are encouraged to engage in conversation through the use of table talk starters.

  • Teachers assign seats to eliminate rejection and bullying.

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