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School To Remain Closed Until At Least Monday, 9/18


Superintendent Robert Avossa issued the following update on school operations after Hurricane Irma:

In the aftermath of a disaster, returning to everyday routines are a critical component to restoring a sense of normalcy to our communities. We know how important our schools are to re-establishing those routines.

Based on reports from my facilities team this morning, and my conversations with leaders at utility companies including Florida Power & Light, our schools will not be ready to return to service this week. A majority of schools remain without power or working air conditioning systems. We anticipate reopening schools on Monday, September 18.

Our hope was to reopen schools by Thursday, but it is increasingly clear that there will not be power for a majority of our facilities.

We know that crews are working overtime to restore electricity to our schools and buildings, but we have no guarantee that power will be restored to all our schools in enough time to reopen this week.

I want to assure everyone that we will not take time from previously scheduled holidays, including our time at Thanksgiving and Winter Break, to make up for these days that have been missed.

If the schools have the electricity, we will be ready to greet everyone on Monday.

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