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It's almost time for our annual Book Character Costume Parade!

The BFA annual Character Costume Parade will be on Oct. 31, 2017.

K-8 students will be assigned book reports (information will be sent home by your child's teacher) and students may dress up as a character from their book! (Please, no full face masks or prop weapons allowed!)

Appropriate dress guidelines must be followed (no spaghetti strap tops, bottoms must be at least fingertip length, skirts/dresses may only be worn with shorts underneath). Students are not required to dress up in costume. They may choose to wear a "fall themed or Halloween t-shirt" but uniform bottoms must be worn.

K-4 students will parade around the campus and through the classrooms, collecting treats along the way! We are requesting bags of sweet treats or small items, such as erasers, pencils, spooky plastic rings, that can be distributed as the students parade through classrooms. Items can be dropped off in the front office.

Parents, if you would like to stop by and see your child parade in costume, please arrive by the following times.

KG - 8:45

1st Grade - 9:15

2nd Grade - 9:45

3rd Grade - 10:15

4th Grade - 10:45

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