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Alligators, Marsh Rabbits, & Wood Storks, Oh My!

At Bright Futures Academy, our Earth Ambassadors work hard every day to keep our campus clean and eco-friendly. To thank them for their efforts and to encourage students to remain in the Ambassadors program, 7th and 8th grade Earth Ambassadors were treated to a marvelous field trip. On Wednesday, March 14, those 11 students traveled to the Wakodahatchee Wetlands in Delray, accompanied by Miss A, Mrs. Pat, and two guides from the Everglades Audubon Society. Once there, the students traversed the mile-long boardwalk, spotting six alligators, a few marsh bunnies, many iguanas, and tons of birds. Jamidas M., an 8th grade Ambassador, recognized and was able to learn about many birds he sees regularly around his house. His favorite bird he saw on the trip was the great blue heron, though the tricolored heron was a close second.

This field trip was a first for the Ambassador program and was thoroughly enjoyed by students and chaperones alike. Three new 7th grade members of the Ambassador program--Kolby C., Afnan A., and Laureen J.--will write a brief on their field trip visit, to be published in the Everglades Kite Newsletter.

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