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Help Stop Cyberbullying

One of the major challenges to stopping bullying is the use of social media by students to bully and harass others. While Bright Futures Academy has several policies in place that restrict or prevent the use of mobile devices and social media on campus, as a school we have no ability to monitor or discipline students outside of school hours or for activities off of school networks. While we encourage parents to monitor their children's use of technology at home for many safety reasons, we also want to remind our families that in many cases, the use of social media platforms by students under the age of 13 is actually a violation of those websites' terms and conditions.

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, Secret, Reddit, and Pinterest all require users to be 13 or older to have an account. Creating an account for or by someone under the age of 13 is a violation of those platforms terms and conditions, and they will suspend and delete those accounts if notified. For messaging service WhatsApp, the age limit if 16. For similar messaging service Kik the age is 18, although children ages 13 and up can sign up with parent permission. While viewing most content on YouTube can be done by any user, some content is restricted to registered users, and only registered users can post videos to the site. Users must be 18 to sign up, but similar to Kik, teens ages 13 and up can create an account with parent permission.

For more information on how parents can help schools end bullying, visit

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