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EDU-Garden Day 2018 was so much fun!

Lots of families in the EDU-Garden pavilion at EDU-Garden Day

We had a great time at Saturday’s annual EDU-Garden™ celebration, where we “brought back the family dinner” with a long line of homemade, easy to make crock pot recipes, served by our staff to more than a hundred of our students and their families. Despite some threatening showers earlier in the morning, the weather held off and it was a marvelous day for a a garden party. Our Earth Ambassadors showed visitors how to build a 4x4 garden box, introduced them to our bunnies and chickens, and Mrs. Slone taught dozens of kids (and some artistic adults) how to make their own custom kitchen towels. Some lucky families went home with their own slow cookers and one lucky family won a garden box for their home. It was a special day, as it is each year. We look forward to next year’s EDU-Garden™ Day! We posted lots of pics to our smugmug gallery . Check them out!

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