Dress Code For 2020-2021 School Year

BFA has a school uniform that is strictly enforced. Dress Code violations are Code of Conduct violations subject to immediate correction, and may involve additional disciplinary actions.

1st offense- Warning

2nd offense- Detention

3rd offense- Sent home OR parent brings in proper uniform attire

Dress codes are authorized under Florida law (§ 1001.43(1)(b) & 1006.07(2)(d), Fla. Stat.).

  • BFA uniform shirts will be worn by all students.  BFA shirts may be any color shirt that is embroidered with the current or any previous BFA logo 

  • Backpacks must be clear or mesh material

  • Shirts should be worn tucked in 

  • BFA t-shirts may be worn on Fridays or on dress down days

  • Navy, tan/khaki or black shorts, skorts, or pants are proper uniform bottoms.  Uniform bottoms DO NOT need to be embroidered with any BFA logo.  Uniform bottoms must be "slack" material--no denim is allowed.

  • Shorts, skorts, or slacks must be worn at the waist and must be at least fingertip length when the arms are extended.

  • It is recommended that Kindergarten students wear shorts, skorts or slacks with an elastic waistband

  • Closed-toed, athletic-style shoes with laces or velcro will be worn at all times. No flip flops, roller shoes, boots, ballet flats, or sandals will be worn at any time.

  •  Sleeveless shirts, low cut blouses, tight shirts, tank tops, halter tops, and compression clothing are prohibited (except when medically necessary), even on dress-down days 

  • NO SKIRTS may be worn.  Skirts or dresses are allowed on dress-down days, provided shorts are worn underneath. 

  • Tight, baggy or ill-fitting clothing, or any clothing with holes, tears, or frayed edges is strictly prohibited, even on dress-down days

  • Undergarments must not be visible

  • For safety purposes, we ask that no necklaces are worn

  • For safety pruposes, bracelets should be limited to one per arm 

  • For safety pruposes, we ask that only stud-style earrings are worn (no hoops or dangling earrings). 

  • Unusual hairdos, nose rings or other facial piercings and rubber bands are considered a distraction

  • Headbands, bows, and hair ties may be worn as hair accessories.

  • Please note that students taking EDU-Garden® classes may get their shoes wet and dirty. 

Cold weather attire:

  • Plain (no printing or brand logo) navy, gray or black sweaters or sweatshirts may be worn over a BFA uniform shirt.  Sweatshirts with hoods are allowed, but the hood must be kept down.   

  • Navy, tan/khaki or black LEGGINGS may be worn under an embroidered skort or shorts for warmth 

  • Jeans are NOT permitted as cold weather pants.

  • For health reasons, students are not permitted to wear jackets of any kind when outside taking PE or EDU-Garden® unless the weather permits.

Additional Information regarding uniforms:

  • Jeans/jean shorts (denim material, any color) are permitted on Fridays with a pre-payment amount of $30 for all of the Fridays of the school year (pay through the STORE option on the website).  Alternatively, students may pay a $1 per time fee for Jeans Friday.  

  • Similarly on Fridays, students are allowed to wear ANY BFA t-shirt (no fee involved). T-shirts will be available for order soon. 

  • ANY ITEM deemed a safety hazard, distraction, or learning disruption may not be worn and will be considered a dress code violation at the sole discretion of the BFA administration

  • Any items left in the school lost and found for a prolonged period will be donated to the school for redistribution, or donated to another local charity.  Labeling of ALL clothing items and especially jackets is strongly encouraged.

  • Students may not wear compression arm or leg wear unless prescribed by a doctor


Uniform Vendors
We have two available uniform vendors.
All Uniform Wear offers uniform shirts embroidered with the BFA logo and also sells uniform bottoms.  Their address is 4833 Okeechobee Blvd., West Palm Beach.
Harris School Uniforms also sells polo shirts and uniform bottoms.  As of Sept. 3, 2019, you may also purchase your own polo shirts and bring them to Harris School Uniforms to have the BFA logo embroidered onto the shirt (fee of $6 per shirt).  The address for Harris School Uniforms is 4152 W. Blue Heron Blvd., Riviera Beach.