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Welcome to Bright Futures Academy, a charter school that promotes internationalism, tolerance, independence and a love for learning in a warm, supportive climate. Our charter school prepares students to live in a diverse, multicultural society and encourages tolerance, personal integrity and social responsibility so students are ready for the challenges of an ever-shrinking world.

Bright Futures Academy strives to create an environment where students feel valued, affirmed and supported while they explore their interests and develop their special gifts. Our caring, talented teachers and staff work in partnership with families to help students become competent and compassionate adults. Our school demands much of students through a rigorous academic program, leading them to knowledge using the International Curriculum methodology. This approach encourages them, through active inquiry, to actualize their potential as individual scholars.

We invite you to visit the school. See first hand students involved in an interactive program that moves beyond the accumulation of knowledge. Please call the school office at (561)253-7504 for more information or a personal tour.

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Bright Futures Academy Charter School
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FCSA Legislative Updates

The FCSA team is in high gear, working diligently on the issues affecting Charter Schools. We have Ralph Arza in Tallahassee, Rapid Response Teams lined up to testify and speak on our behalf, and a whole host people working to track, interpret, and share legislation important to our charter movement.

Policy Updates that are important to you!

Statewide and Local Assessments:

On Wednesday, the House Education Accountability bill (HB 7069) passed unanimously, 115-0. This bill streamlines testing in Florida Schools. Specifically, it eliminates the standardized 11th grade Language Arts assessment and final examinations in classes where the state has an established end of course assessment. This bill also realigns teacher evaluation to ensure an equitable formula for both teachers and students.

On Thursday, the Senate Education Appropriations subcommittee heard SB 616, which aims to reduce the emphasis on testing. Teachers and parents testified passionately on the importance of fewer, but better tests. During debate, Senator Galvano noted, "What we're addressing in this bill is to change the status quo." SB 616 will be heard next in the full Senate Appropriations Committee.

School Choice:

The House Education Committee heard House Bill 7037, which expands school choice throughout Florida, on Thursday. Jim Horne of Strategos Group testified on the importance of school choice. Watch from 50:15 - 58:40 here: http://thefloridachannel.org/videos/31915-house-education-committee We believe charter schools are the crux of school choice initiatives, and we will continue to fight to ensure every parent has the right to choose the best education for their child.

Finally, the Senate Education Committee introduced Senate Bill 1552, which is comprised of several school choice initiatives. The Alliance and our partners expressed serious concerns about the potential obstacles this bill would create for school choice. Notably, this bill provides vague language about the definition of a conflict of interest for anyone serving on a governing board of a charter school. We will continue to monitor this issue to ensure school choice is an option for every student in Florida.

Higher Education: Student's with Disabilities

Senate Bill 7030 would create a process for post secondary institutions in Florida to seek approval to offer training programs for students with unique abilities. Senate President Andy Gardiner, who has championed expanding education opportunities for Florida students with unique abilities had this to say about the bill: "The next step on the pathway to economic independence is to make sure we have high-quality post secondary options that will allow these students to gain the education and training needed to best utilize their own unique abilities in Florida's workforce." The bill now heads to the floor.

Student Standard Attire:

HB 7043 provides school districts with a $10 per student incentive to enforce uniforms in schools. This incentive will be paid out of a $10 million dollar appropriation, and the legislature hopes that the new policy will lead to a safer campus for children. Parents and teachers were all very positive about what HB 7043. The bill passed the House Education Committee unanimously and has been referred to the house floor.

Background Screening:

HB 7043 expands the Florida Background check system for virtual school teachers to providing coverage for all teachers employed throughout Florida. This system will expand and streamline the Florida Shared School Results system.

Thank you to those FCSA members who are involved and engaged, we can't do what we do without YOUR support.

For further information contact:

Tisa L. Queen-Oldham

(954) 881-5792